Providing Clean and Affordable Energy for All Committee Resources

Providing Clean and Affordable Energy for All (Articles and Online Resources)

Our briefing paper includes a statement of the problem, history of the problem, key challenges, and possible solutions to guide delegates in their initial research. The briefing paper includes key facts on the topic, a set of Questions to Consider (from the perspective of your assigned country), and a helpful glossary of topic-specific vocabulary words. Click to access.

A helpful resource that provides information and statistics on a country’s history, people, government, economy, geography, and more. Click to access.

A helpful summary of SDG #7 main goals, challenges, and potential solutions. Click to access.

Read how increased access to solar energy has transformed these communities around the world, helping increase incomes, better irrigate crops so as to produce more food to eat and sell, empower women, and more. Click to access.

Search for data on carbon emissions, clean energy consumption, and more by country. Click to Access.

Providing Clean and Affordable Energy for All (Video Links)

A video (3:18) that describes what is on the Global Agenda for promoting sustainable, clean energy, who is affected/will be affected, and why it is important. Click to access.

Online article and video; Learn about utilizing biomass – organic materials, such as plants and animals and fish – as opposed to fossil resources to produce food and non-food goods. Click to access.

Online article and video; Take a look at how Rwanda is increasing access to clean cooking solutions for the country, highlighting what can be done with political will and private sector mobilization in moves towards clean energy and improved standards of living for communities. Click to access.