Aiding Refugees and Displaced People Resources

The Aiding Refugees and Displaced People briefing paper is now available. 

Aiding Refugees and Displaced People - General Resources

Our briefing paper includes a statement of the problem, history of the problem, key challenges, and possible solutions to guide delegates in their initial research. The briefing paper includes key facts on the topic, a set of Questions to Consider (from the perspective of your assigned country), and a helpful glossary of topic-specific vocabulary words. Click to access.

The UNHCR homepage with articles, resources and links to specific refugee populations and regions. Also includes information on what the UN already does to support and aid refugee populations. Click to access.

A short video from the UNHCR defines what it means to be a refugee, and the associated risks of being a refugee. Click to Access. 

A short UNHCR video that defines an internally displaced person (IDP) and how that differs from refugee status. Click to Access.

Rohingya Refugee Crisis

A look into the lives, homes and schools of the Rohingya people staying in a UN refugee camp. Follow Aansar as he tours the camp and gives voice to the Rohingya people. Click to Access. 

A New York Times lesson plan on teaching studnts about the Rohingya Crisis. Includes many videos, activities, maps and articles about the crisis. Great material for teachers to use in their introduction of the topic to students. Click to access.