2020 New Jersey High School International Student Summit

***In taking precaution against the spread of COVID-19, the New Jersey High School International Student Summit has been postponed. A new date for the summit will be decided in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in registering or have any questions, please reach out directly to Eric Bumbaca, Director of Student Programs at 215-561-4700 ext. 216 or ebumbaca@wacphila.org

International Student Summit on Information and Democracy 

The shifting nature of modern communication, technology, and media consumption is exposing significant flaws in the global community’s efforts to gather quality information. Journalists, social media entities, and advocates for free speech and free press are increasingly threatened by pervasive misinformation and antagonistic state actors. This fundamental problem has even threatened both nascent and established democracies who are struggling with the consequences of damaging misinformation.

The 2020 International Student Summit on Information and Democracy (ISS) will simulate a meeting of international advocates for free speech, journalism, and a free and independent press. This meeting will take place under the collective pretense that rising instances of pervasive disinformation, the suppression free press, and a growing influence of anti-democratic regimes, is posing a major threat to the integrity and security of journalists, global freedom, civil harmony, and world peace.  

Over 100 high school student participants from select South Jersey high schools will represent free press advocates from countries that rank on either end of the World Press Freedom Index. In these roles, students will be assigned a technical working group where they will debate and discuss specific issues confronting the global community. Using their assigned country as a case study, students will highlight specific opportunities and challenges surrounding the global communication and information space and will create a series of proposals that present creative solutions to this pressing global crisis. With their student assignment in mind, and using the principles set out in the International Declaration on Information and Democracy as a benchmark, students will ultimately craft an International Pledge to the international community that responds to contemporary challenges, renews commitment towards the right to exercise freedom of opinion and expression, and defines a set of objectives to be pursued while taking account of the rights and interests of future generations.

If you have any questions about participation in the program, please reach out to Kristin Hutchinson, Vice President of Education, at khutchinson@wacphila.org or 215-561-4700 ext. 229