New Jersey High School Global Leadership Program

In Partnership with Rutgers University-Camden and Camden County College

The New Jersey Global Leadership Programs, a partnership between the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, Rutgers University-Camden and Camden County College, comprises a suite of educational activities for select New Jersey high schools. These programs employ a variety of educational tools and strategies to help students think critically and creatively about issues, conflicts, and opportunities facing the global community. 

The overarching educational goals of these substantive programs are to develop students' core knowledge and skills required to think critically, understand and solve worldwide geographical, cultural and political issues, and lead in a competitive global economy. Students also learned how to successfully participate in a Model United Nations Conference, including growth in holding leadership positions, researching assigned countries and global issues, writing position papers, drafting and amending resolutions, and debating and defending final policy arguments.

Two education programs were offered in 2018-2019: the Global Summit for High School Students and Model United Nations. The Global Summit was held on June 1, 2018, and simulated an emergency multinational security conference with a focus on diplomatic deliberation and cross-cultural problem-solving in relation to a nuclear-armed North Korea. The Model United Nations Conference took place on January 17, 2019, and focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #2 - Ending Food Insecurity.

All five schools that were involved— Camden High School, Brimm Medical Arts High School, Lindenwold High School, Overbrook High School, and Winslow High School—are in Camden County, and all constitute Title 1 schools with student populations in homes with incomes under the federal poverty level. The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, along with Camden County College, strives to provide students from low- to moderate-income backgrounds with access to the resources and opportunities needed to learn, grow and successfully contribute to their local and global communities through educational empowerment.

By the end of the Global Leadership Programs in New Jersey, students were markedly more culturally-competent, gained skills in teamwork, strategizing and research, and felt more confident in their ability to bring these skills back to their community. With participation in the World Affairs Council’s education programs, marginalized, at-risk students access secure opportunities to develop the skills to one day become articulate leaders, communicators, and true global citizens.

The Council is grateful to Camden County College and Rutgers University-Camden for their generous support of this program

2018-19 New Jersey Global Leadership Programs Report

Access our 2018-19 reports on our New Jersey Global Leadership Program. The report includes evaluation summaries and student and faculty testimonials.