2020 International Student Summit

Restarting the Global Economy Post-COVID19: A Model G7+5 Summit

Tuesday, December 8th - Thursday, December 10th, 2020

The Council has concluded the 2020 International Student Summit! We invite you to read the virtual program book and explore the program briefing resources if you are interested in this program. 

For more information on other upcoming programs, please contact Eric Bumbaca, Director of Student Programs, at ebumbaca@wacphila.org 

Mirroring the Council’s legacy educational simulation programming based on traditional global issues forums, the 2020 International Student Summit, a Model G7+5 summit, titled Restarting the Global Economy Post COVID-19, will be a virtual simulation conference that centers around efforts to restart and reshape the global economy post pandemic.

Simulating a gathering of the world’s seven most advanced economies, as well as five of the world’s fastest growing economies, student participants will be tasked with charting an equitable and sustainable future for the global economic system. Students will assume the role of political and economic leaders from one of twelve participating countries (France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Japan, United States, Canada, Mexico, India, South Africa, Brazil and China), and will be tasked with researching the economic, geographical, and cultural underpinnings unique of their society.  Students will analyze the economic fallout resulting from the pandemic, debate the complexities of restarting the global economic machine, and ultimately, ideate new, sustainable, and just economic systems moving forward.

* Platforms Required: TBD;
* Duration: Full-day conference program  (9 am – 1 pm);
Preparation level: High -Students must commit to doing several hours of research on their assigned country and committee role ahead of the full-day, virtual simulation event

The 2020 International Student Summit is available to schools with a 2020-2021 High School Membership. If you have not yet secured a 2020-2021 Membership, please take a moment to complete registration here.

Thank you to our education partners for their support of this event!