Student Roles and Responsibilities

Students participating in the Global Economic Forum will be assigned one of two roles: 

Committee Co Chair (Student Leader)

Role and Responsibilities (Preparation Level: High)

Committee Co-Chairs serve as the leaders and moderators of their committee session and are responsible for orchestrating the committee sessions, including the order of regional presentations, Q&A sessions, progress through the day’s agenda, meeting deadlines, and fulfilling program goals. Co-Chairs act as emcees for the committee session, following a pre-created script and timeline from the Council, keeping the committee session on task.

There will be two Co-Chairs for each committee with equal responsibilities throughout the day. These two students will work collaboratively to meet program goals and ensure all students within their session have equal voice in the proceedings. Committee Co-Chairs will also fill the same responsibilities as Student Delegates, including serving in a regional bloc team.

Students interested in this position are required to interview for the position. Critical skills for this position include: peer leadership, organization, planning and forethought, public speaking, and adaptability. There will be a total of 6 student leaders per program day.

Co-Chairs will be required to:
● Attend a virtual preparatory meeting with Council Staff on either Tuesday, March 21st or Wednesday March 22nd from 3:30-4:30pm to review the role and guidelines of the Co-Chair position;
● Draft a 2-minute opening speech to be delivered at the beginning of the committee session that gives an overview of the committee's main goals of the day and the importance of the committee's topic of focus;
● Review the Co-Chair script in advance of the Global Economic Forum;
● Execute the pre-created Co-chair script during the conference, and fulfill all duties as program student leaders

Student Delegate

Role and Responsibilities (Preparation Level: Medium):

Student delegates serve in a team of 4-5 students, represent one assigned global region, and study one of the three committee topics. Each team will be tasked with researching their assigned committee topic, their region’s successes and challenges in relation to this topic, and crafting a policy proposal that aims to solve one aspect of their committee topic. Delegates will work as a team to craft a policy presentation prior to the program and present their solution on the morning of the program to their peers. Students Delegates will have the opportunity to win awards based on outstanding presentation skills and their efforts throughout the day.

Student Delegate will be required to:
● Discuss and debate the issue at hand in a thoughtful and respectful manner with fellow delegates;
● Maintain an open mind for alternative viewpoints;
● With your team, develop a Policy Proposal presentation prior to the program as outlined in the instructions document;
● Devise a set of talking points to support their position through background research and preparation.