2019 Global Economic Forum: The Future of Work

A special thank you to all of our Student Leaders, Delegates, faculty, and staff for a fantastic event. Please check out the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia's Flickr account for photos from this amazing program!

In the last 30 years, humanity has developed stronger methods of communication, travel, and connectivity. Humans today are more connected than at any other point in history and are capable of traveling the world, both physically and digitally, in new and exciting ways. However, technological innovations have also threatened the place of the worker in today's society, as many sectors of the global economy shift to automated or robotic labor.  For policymakers, business leaders, and workers themselves, these innovations create considerable uncertainty for the future of work, alongside the possibility of potential benefits.

The 2019 Global Economic Forum will explore the issues of globalization, automation, and the shifting landscape of the global economy.  Working in country delegation teams, students will simulate a modified G20 conference with representatives from the world’s top 20 advanced economies, as well as representatives from crucial emerging economies.  Collectively, the G20 represents all inhabited continents, 85% of global economic output, two-thirds of the world's population and 75% of international trade. Students will work to create solutions to the future of work issue and will debate the topic from the lens of government, business, and social interests.

An independent panel of judges, comprising Philadelphia’s business, civic and government leaders, will review the arguments of four G20 working group's —in the form of a PowerPoint presentation—as to why their policy recommendations, would have the greatest impact on long-term global economic growth and stability.

Participating schools can register up to two teams of 4-6 students. Furthermore, each team is required to nominate one candidate and one alternate to serve in a leadership position. Each team will be assigned to advocate on behalf of one G20 member country from the perspective of an assigned committee (Agriculture, Automation and Manufacturing, Intellectual Property and Cyber Security, or Social Development).

The 2019 Global Economic Forum is available to schools with a 2018-19 High School Membership. If you have not yet secured a 2018-19 Membership, please take a moment to complete registration here.

If your school requires financial assistance in order to participate in this program, please reach out to Eric Bumbaca, Associate Director of Student Programs, at ebumbaca@wacphila.org or 215-561-4700 ext. 216.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019
9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
The Fox School of Business at Temple University
Fee: $55 per student