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The Council welcomes members of the press and TV media to cover our events unless specific media restrictions apply. Events and speakers are publicized approximately one week prior to the date of the event via e-mail media advisory, as well as posted to our website. These advisories will inform you of any special media opportunities, restrictions, or schedules.  Members of the press/media are required to contact the Council's Special Projects Manager prior to the event if you are interested in covering. No media walk-ins will be permitted.

The Council's Press Policies

  • The Council welcomes media and press coverage of most of our events. If you wish to be added to our media advisory list, please contact the Council's Vice President of Programs, Hayley Boyle.
  • When permitted, we ask that photojournalists limit photos to the first five minutes of the actual program and not obstruct the view of our guests.
  • Unless otherwise advised, photojournalists and press may not photograph or cover the speaker in any private briefings or receptions scheduled by the Council.
  • Requests for speaker interviews are based on the speaker’s availability and schedule. Please contact us if you wish a scheduled interview.
  • Please advise us if you require any special accommodations such as a press ‘mult-box’ or other AV needs.
  • The Council is happy to provide post-event photos should you require them for your publication. Please call us at 215-561-4700, or e-mail
  • We ask that the Council, as host of the speaker or event, be acknowledged in any publications or media covering an event.
  • Press, media, and the general public are also generally welcome to promote or cover any event via social media. If social media coverage is not allowed, that will be stated in lead-up to and during the event.

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