Rising to the Occasion

Celebrating 70 Years of Informed Discourse & Debate

A non-partisan platform for informed discourse and debate.  Access to influential world leaders, exposure to different cultures and viewpoints, and first-hand insight into critical topics.

For seven decades, the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia has provided members and the Philadelphia community with an extraordinary opportunity to more fully explore the most pressing issues in domestic and international affairs.  

We've hosted more than 5,000 prominent speakers and sparked countless dialogues between policymakers and the public.  In the past 5 years, we've increased our annual operating budget by 60%, expanding programming in our speaker series, student education programs, in-depth travel opportunities, and The Whole Truth, our national public television series hosted by David Eisenhower.
Today, when information, understanding, and civil discourse are more important than ever, we are growing.  And we invite you to join us.

Your Support is Needed for Key Projects

Programming Investment Fund
Designed to maintain the highest quality programming, this operating fund of $1.5 million ensures that the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia continues to be the place where world leaders come to share important ideas.  The Programming Investment Fund is a promise that the Council will continue to attract the very best, brightest, and broadest perspectives on national and international issues.  We will leverage our 70th Anniversary to recruit speakers of international prominence to bring their perspectives to the Council, its members, and regional leaders.  Through this fund, we will also expand our internal resources to meet the growing need of our audiences: upgrading technology and investing in marketing - initiatives designed to more effectively promote our programs, serve our members, and sustain the Council for years to come.

Young Citizens Fund
An investment in youth served by the World Affairs Council is an investment in a more worldly, understanding, and engaged generation of informed citizens.  We aim to direct $500,000 toward the expansion of our programs for middle and high school students in particular.  With the funds raised from this campaign, we will increase the number of schools we serve through the Global Smarts program, with a particular focus on urban schools, and deepen engagement at all schools by increasing student participation by 50%.